Monday, June 5, 2017

Dr. Barney Roca's Chiropractic Story

My Chiropractic Story starts as a 6 year old child eager to help my mother with total and complete abandonment of safety and forethought.
The family was working outside in the yard using a various lawn and garden tools when the skies darkened, the wind picked up and rain began to fall. We needed to gather the tools and get them into the barn. The only urgency to accomplishing this task was in my own mind as I quickly ran to pick up tools and tripped on a tree root in the process falling on my face.  The corner of my eye first hit the corner of a steel wheelbarrow full of dirt and stone, breaking my face.
That is when the headaches started. Throbbing head crushing migraines that were not only excruciatingly painful but also resulted in blurred vision, sensitivity to light and vomiting. My mother took me everywhere in the next few years. Doctors prescribed drugs that didn’t work. Nothing would prevent the headaches from starting or take them away once they began. Regardless of how small or large the pills they prescribed maybe or what effect they may have had.  We tried eyeglasses, special diets and various medications. One doctor told me I was allergic to the sun and should try to avoid it. Another said I was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and had me eat high doses of sugar. Nothing seemed to help.
It wasn’t until my early 20’s when I first heard the word, Chiropractic. When a migraine is coming there is an aura. In my case it was this strange feeling of slight nausea with tightness in my neck and shoulders and a slight throbbing pain behind my right eye. I had literally suffered through hundreds if not thousands of migraines that all started this way. Once they had begun nothing had ever taken it away. The only treatment was a cool, quiet, dark room and about 10 hours of extreme pain and vomiting but this day was different. This time I was at a party. When the symptoms started I told my friends that I wasn’t feeling well and should get home soon. That’s when a friend told me about Chiropractic.
I had no idea what Chiropractic or an adjustment was but this party was being hosted by a group of Chiropractic students. The word Chiropractic meant nothing to me but one of the students was seeing patients and graduating in a few months. He told me that a Subluxation could be the cause of my headache. The conversation became complicated with words I did not understand like chiropractic, subluxation and adjustment but it was obvious that the fastest way home was to let this soon to be doctor give me an adjustment.
I got on his table, he looked at me feet and felt my neck. He found this little bump that was tender and said, “There it is.” He gently pushed the bone over, there was a popping sound and then a rush of relaxation started at the top of my head and washed over my entire body. It was gone. Just like that, for the first time in my life the migraine went away.
At that moment I became a Chiropractic patient and advocate. It was shocking to me that this simple approach to health was not well known. How could I have suffered for all those years when this simple solution was never an option? My mother must have spent thousands of dollars on medications and doctor appointments that didn’t help at all. I suffered a mechanical injury, falling on my face, why wouldn’t a mechanical solution be considered by all these doctors? Eventually that frustration led to me becoming a Chiropractor with a real passion to share this safe and simple solution to stop pain and suffering.
Thank you for reading my Chiropractic story.
Dr. Barney Roca


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